Salou: places to go

Hello everyone! A post has definitely been long overdue but here I am now, with a post!
I recently went on holiday to Salou (3rd time there) and I can't get enough of the place! You know when you go to a place and the moment you step onto that land it feels likes home? Yeah, Salou feels a lot like home to me and with home you know you're way around the town, so here are a few places that are great to get food and the views!

1. Old Brown Cow- English bar
There are plenty of English bars in Salou and OBC is one of them. They're great for light/snacky meals and nice cool place to chill with an indoor and a shaded outdoor area. We only came here once but their food was nice and the staff were great too. It also wasn't too busy here in the afternoon so it makes a great chilled pub/bar.

2. Fox and Hounds- English bar
Out of the 7 days we were in Salou, we had lunch here for at least 3 of those days. The staff and their service was amazing and super friendly with their main selling points being their 1.80 euro pints. Being at this bar feels like home with their English food and happy atmosphere. I had tried their ham & cheese baguette and ham & cheese toasties (which were more fried than toasted, but was much better fried) and their very generous serving of chips! Both the baguette and toasties were lush, light and easy. Of course you'd only want a light lunch whilst in 30 degree heat and with Fox and Hounds the price is decent as well. Honestly, could not fault the place and it quickly became our favourite place to go for a chill out and snack.

3. Koko beachclub- English bar
We found this beachclub back in 2015 on our first trip and have loved it ever since purely for the views and super friendly staff. We've never tried the food there but they also serve light snacks. The pricing is a little bit more of that at Fox and Hounds but the view kinda makes up for it. Koko is located up the hill at the end of the coast line and the evening views are amazzzzzzing. Their balcony overlooks the coastline up until the boat port.

 Overall, Salou is just a great place to go. It's great for families with loads of family-friendly hotels, bars and public areas. It's also great for a friends holiday. We stayed in a hotel that was close to a nightclub that partied until 5am and of course, there is The Strip with many coastal bars and clubs. Salou is an all-rounder type of place to go.