Ted Baker fragrances

Hello everybody! I know I haven't done a post in like forever, but I have been quite busy with uni work etc etc along with all the Christmas chaos! However, I have been excited to share this post with you, even if it has taken me months to find the strength to type it out. It is about my new found love for Ted Baker fragrances. 

For my 21st Birthday, my friend bought me a Ted Baker gift set and came with it was a mini body spray. It was the Blush Pink spray and it was a very floral/rosy scent and I loved it. So of course, when I ran out of it I hopped straight onto Boots and decided to have a little gander at the other Ted Baker fragrances and thought I'd share with you my purchases. (Side note: this post isn't an ad or sponsored, I just genuinely love these fragrances!)

1.  Ted Baker Sweet Treats "Ella" Eau De Toilette 30ml. £18
(Apologies, part of the "Baker" writing has scratched off :( )

I love this smell and I kind of went on a whim when I ordered this! Normally, I have to smell it before I buy it just in case I actually hate it... but this was not the case this time. The only way I can actually describe this scent is that it is sweet, yet sort of musky.. that probably sounds horrid, but honestly, it's not. I pretty much wear this every single day and it's definitely a winter scent.
"Top notes of Bergamot and Cassis, with a heart of orange blossom, jasmine and rose and enticing base notes of amber, sandalwood and vanilla."

The next scents came in a trio pack which was £8 (save £1 if you buy as the trio instead of individually) , one being the Blush Pink which I had before (and I believe I included it in a favourites post before). The other two are the Opulent Petal and Pretty Pearl scents. 

2.The Opulent Petal spray. £3 individually.

This one is similar to the Ella fragrance but smells more sweet and floral, which is a nice lil' combo. The scent description on the boots website makes it sound amazing and it does smell great. It has that musky hint and black pepper, which probably sounds disgusting and a bit odd but actually it really goes! I normally wear this one when I'm going "out out" or making a extra effort for certain occasions.
"Entwines notes of Jasmine, orange blossom and exotic ylang, whilst the decadent base of silky vanilla, musk and spicy black pepper completes the scent."

3. The Petal Pearl. £3 individually.

I absolutely LOVE this scent. It smells so fresh and airy which I think is my all time favourite type of smell. It is very refreshing especially in this weather. I can definitely smell the rose petals and sandalwood, as said in the description. Out of all 3 scents in the trio pack, this one is my favourite. I typically wear this one on a casual basis, normally everyday haha. 
"Blends fruity top notes with soft rose petals and sandalwood, whilst the base of musk and raspberry leaf completes the scent."

So, there are the Ted Baker fragrances that I bought and I absolutely love them! A great lil' collection I have there. Do you have any of these or a different one that you love? Let me know! I would love to expand the collection.


  1. I might get one of these for a gift. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely scents. I'll check on it.

  3. Are these really smells good? I want to try these brand. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I like its packaging very elegant. Hope all of these smells good.

  5. How much would these perfume cost? Nice packaging.

    1. for the trio set, £8 and the perfume was £18 :)

  6. Looks nice! I'll try these fragrances.