Back to uni stationary haul!

I don't know about you but I LOVE stationary! It's that time of year again where it is definitely acceptable to splash on a few bits and bobs in time for uni to start again. I was looking everywhere online to find some cute ring binders and note books and I came across The Works. Turns out, they are having a massive sale on right now so I thought I would treat myself. (Prices at the bottom)

The first items on the list is a matching ring binder, little note pad and pack of 4 pencils. Cute and simple design, the colour is lush (it's a more a greeny colour, excuse the lighting) with gold-foil polka dots. I love note pads and I always seem to get one when I don't reaaaaally need one, but it matched, so I just couldn't help myself. 

I picked up this A5 notebook with "boss lady" on the cover which I thought was very cool. I thought this would be good to use when I am volunteering at my local health organisation or when I'm having an off day and I can use this and feel empowered again doodling blog post ideas or random thoughts! The paper is really good quality. 

Pack of 36 felt pens. I have already used these quite a bit doodling ideas down and they are very nice, I feel like they will last a long time and the colour payoff is great too. They come in a range of shades with each colour group which I find great!

I recently picked up a pen pal which means I had to go out and buy some cute writing paper! I got these designs which come with 10 paper sheets and 10 envelops... I don't think you can ever go wrong with floral writing paper so I got 2 of those and I really liked the flamingo one too, kinda quirky I think. The quality of the paper is great too, it's not that thin shitty type. I can't wait to get writing and connect to my pen pal!

Green Polka dot ring binder: £1.50
Polka dot note pad: £1.00
Polka dot pencils (4 pk): £1.00
Boss lady note book: £2.00
36 pack of felt pens: £3.00
Writing sets (individual): £1.00 each

So as you can see, my little haul was a bargain, which I am so happy about! I also got some plain bic pens but they weren't that exciting so I didn't include them... I am also glad to be back at uni going into my second year however, I'm kind of not looking forward to all the work that I have to do! Oh well, at least I have cute stationary to make it a little bearable!

PS. I am also back to planning blog shenanigans after not blogging for a little over a month whilst I was back at home with my family! So you can expect another post soon!! 


  1. Very nice things:-)
    I following you now, follow me back please.
    Have a nice day.

  2. It look's like you picked up some lovely bits! I especially love boss lady notebook, might pop in and see for myself now.


    1. Aw thank you rosey! I haven't used it yet because I don't wanna ruin it haha! xx