Tips to surviving first year of university

Starting university in September? Worried about moving away and into halls? Stressing over what clothes to pack? If you need 2 spoons or 4? Worried about the amount of workload you'll get in freshers week? Worried you won't fit in or make friends? Worry not, here are some tips!

1. Money. 
It is always a good idea to have some cash saved up before you move to uni. Whether you blow your student loan in the first 2 weeks or your loan process is a bit slow, you'll have a back up. The only thing you'll need to buy before you move (that's if, you do decide to move away like me) is kitchen ware, toiletries, bedding, food and any stationary goodies. 

2. Join a club or society.
I wish I had joined a club at the beginning of the year as it is an easy way to make new pals. I know many people who have met their best friends through clubs and societies. It's also a good way to get out of your comfort zone and gain confidence!

3. Get a cook book.
Now that you have moved out of the family nest, you'll have to figure out what to eat everyday. It can be stressful coming up with easy and affordable meals 24/7 whilst on a student loan. Getting a cook book which caters for students/easy meals/quick meals can be helpful. It also provides a variety instead of your standard beans on toast or super noodles. Planning your meals days in advance can also save you the hassle come the day and it will help you keep to a routine.

4. Prepare for halls drama.
Whether you go looking for it or not, drama will always be there. Even if you're one of those people that stays out of everyone's way, somehow, you'll eventually end up tangled in someone's messy drama. Take deep breathes, down a tea or vodka and you'll get through it.

5. Seriously, don't leave assignments to the last minute. 
Every year I tell myself I won't leave assignments to the last minute and every year I fail at that. Seriously I need to take my own advice. As soon as you get that essay question or presentation title, start the assignment, you'll thank yourself in the end!

A few extra pointers...
Alcohol is and forever will be your friend.
Fairy lights and other decs will make your room look cosy af. Also, if your halls room is anything like mine was, it will look less like a prison cell if you decorate.
Wear flip flops in the shower, trust me.
Get a water filter.

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