Periods after the Depo

Afternoon ladies...

Last October I came off of the Depo injection. I did write a post about it which you can read here. I mentioned that during my time on the Depo, my periods had stopped and I would usually get light spotting towards my next depo due date. Since, being off of it for nearly 9 months, my body has had a hard time getting back to normal. Of course, it differs for everyone so here is my experience of it. 

Since coming of it in October, I got my first proper period in December. Since then, I have been keeping a journal of my periods. My periods have also been very irregular and a mix of light and heavy.

Since coming off the Depo my periods have been:
Won't always have a period each month
Had two in one month
Some are slightly longer than others
I get more and intense cramps
Roughly the same time each month

I have also noticed that before I ever went on the Depo, my periods were light-mild, no cramps and irregular which is a huge difference compared to now. I have also noticed that post-depo, my range in sanitary towels and the sizes I use have increased. Before I never had to use night-time towels because my flow wasn't heavy enough.

A friend who also experienced the Depo, also noticed the significant difference in how heavy her flow was before and after the Depo. Although, I'm not sure how obvious it might be, this is due to the build up of not having a period for the duration on the Depo and your body is trying to flush out everything all at once.

Personally, the only downside I have experienced with the Depo is the time coming off of it. It's a pain (literally) having your body try and get back to normal. I've never missed a class because of a period before and now I've missed 2 classes because of the intense cramps and very heavy flow.

Other than that, my experience has been pretty pleasant with no serious or annoying side effects.
What has your experience on the Depo been like?

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