Life update #1

April- May

If you look closely at the dates of my last few posts you'll notice a huge gap. I took a little break from the blogging scene as I was in Bristol at my Dad's for the last month. I'd be lying if I said that was the only reason for the break; a lack of motivation and writers block done me in. I also had to focus on my assignments (or try to anyway)

That first weekend when I came back to Bristol, I spent those few days with my Dad, catching up, drinking etc etc. We went into Bristol to do a little bit of summer shopping. Napped myself some new tops and few other bits and bobs. We had lunch down by the Harbour Side at the V shed (who do a banging fish and chips!!) which was lovely, because it was a baking day, the sun was out, the food was good and the drinks were chilled. Overall, it was a great day. 

Aside from binge-watching Netflix, I (attempted) to do my assignments. With 3 now submitted, all I have left now is to do my presentation on the 15th of May and then for the next few months I am free. 

The rest of my time was spent watching Netflix, you can imagine my joy and procrastination when new seasons and episodes of Pretty Little Liars, Izombie, 12 Monkeys and Riverdale was released. 

 I went to the cinema with my brother the other day too, to watch Fast & Furious 8. With my disappointment in the trailer, the film was amazing. There were so many plot twists, sometimes it was hard to catch up! So overall, it was great and so much better than I first anticipated!

Asides from getting semi-drunk, stressing over assignments, watching half of Netflix, I turned 21 on May 3rd. The exciting 2 and 1. I didn't do anything big because I had no idea what to do so didn't plan anything, not to mention that the time quickly crept up on me. Although, the weekend before, me, Dad and my brother Brad went out for dinner as a little "early birthday meal" which was nice. I do plan on celebrating my birthday with A LOT of alcohol with my friends as I am now back at uni. 

So, there is a little update on my very exciting life. Hope you enjoyed reading what I had been up to.


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