My favourite tv shows

Everyone loves a binge on Netflix a little too much and over the years I have watched some top shows which have made it into my top 10! Here they are: (I'm a sucker for crime drama and sci-fi!)

1. Death In Paradise. Clues in the title about what this is about. Every year I get excited to see a new series and new characters. This show is amazing and unpredictable majority of the time with a few plot twists. 10/10 would recommend!

2. Orphan Black. This is basically about human cloning and the dark effects it has on the clones themselves. A lot of plot twists each episode as well.

3. White Collar. Like I said I love a good crime drama/solving show and this is exactly that. A con artist has a deal with the FBI to help solve cases. The ending of the show had me in bits and I am so sad that it is over but it's a great story.

4. Fringe. This is about Fringe Science and some other wacky stuff and a team of amazing characters trying to solve cases which are explainable to most people. The development of the story and the characters is amazing and the ending, like White Collar had me sobbing a teeny tiny bit.

5. Gilmore Girls. Funny and witty mother and daughter make the best of their everyday struggles. It is very hooking!

6. Stranger Things. Need I say more?

7. The OA. Sort of similar to Stranger Things, it is about a woman who experiences more than one near death experiences and explores the possibility of being able to transport to another dimension by dying. Seriously this show is hooking and so great. Loved it.

8. Gossip Girl, I love a bit of tv drama and at first wasn't sure if I wanted to watch this show but I soon became hooked and I loved all the characters! It's about several students making their way through the upper class life dealing with relationships and drama. #ChuckandBlaire

9. Scorpion. This is about a team of geniuses teaming up with the FBI to help solve cases with their individual genius talents.

10. Last but not least, Supernatural. I have loved this show for years and I am slowly working my way through the seasons (only on season 10 I think) I admit, the first few seasons are definitely the best (as with all shows I think) but I love a bit of scary vibe and this show is great for that. It's about 2 brothers who fight against the Supernatural to protect human lives.

So there you have it, my top 10 favourite TV shows.. What are yours?