Listography series!

Hello everyone! I thought I would start a little series based on my listography book. What's a listography you might ask? Well, it's a book full of lists and things I hope to do in the future! This was given to me for my birthday last year and I love it as I love making lists!

The book includes lists like; what countries I want to visit; habits to break; future Halloween costumes; gift ideas for future giving.
And some of them are completely random.

So, I've picked a page at random and I'm going to list it here!

"List recipes or foods you want to try."
(I also took to Pinterest for some inspo in foods that I would genuinely like to try!) 

-Cous cous
- Kiwi
- Avacado
-Honey and lime chicken
- Sweet potato
- Vegetable stuffed pepper or sweet potato
- Quinoa
- Tahini
- Non-dairy milk, like almond milk
- Stir fry
- Rye bread
-  Mac and cheese (Never had this and I call myself a student!!)
- Zucchini 
- Guacamole 
- Cannelloni stuffed with vegetables and chicken or something

So there are just a few foods and meals I would love to try out. I am trying to eat more healthier, and try new healthy foods but I am so picky and fussy so that can be hard sometimes! 

I'm not sure how frequent I want to do these listography posts, but I think they're rather interesting.

What foods would you like to try?

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