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So this year, I told myself I was going to read one book a week for the year.. This hasn't happened, I keep forgetting or finding other things to do instead of reading. However, I have managed to finish 2 books already this year and I am going to review them.

The first 2 books on my so called *book challenge* list (post here) are the second and third instalments of the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver but I'll review all 3 of them.

What is the storyline?
Love is considered a disease and a dangerous thing and if you fall in love or display any symptoms relating to it, then you are considered an outcast. There's a cure for love and majority of people have it when they turn 17-18 years old. Lena is a few months away from getting her cure when she falls in love with Alex, an outcast in disguise as a cured. They decide to run away and live in the "Wilds" which is where the outcasts live.

I thought the concept of the story was really good. It reminded me a little bit of Divergent and how when you are different, you're considered an outcast but in the end being different is better than being a sheep. 

I fell in love with the characters Lena, Alex and Hana. I think Hana was very underrated, she is a fabulous character. I wish there was more of her in the books and I really liked that in the last book we got to see some things from her point of view but I really wanted to know what happened to her after the book ended. 

The ending for me was good but it torments me sometimes. There wasn't a definite fixed ending as we read that everyone was tearing down the wall and it has the sense of "whatever comes next, we'll deal with it then" and part of me liked the open interpretation of the ending and the sense of "omg what's gunna happen to them..." but I also really wanted a fixed ending. 

Overall, I enjoyed these books very much. I loved all of the characters. I'm sad there's no fixed ending and I don't know what happens after.. but I sort of like that, it's different. 

Did you enjoy these books? What other books do you recommend?

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