Small room, big life PART 1

Being a student sometimes means not having or living in the same comforts as you would at home with your family. At home, I had a room big enough to fit 2 double beds in, a 3 door wardrobe, separate work and make up space, and plenty of drawers to keep all my socks. Here, in my student house, everything is condensed.

I know there are a lot of student houses out there with larger rooms than mine, but back when I was deciding on where I wanted to live, I wasn't entirely bothered and was panicking because I thought I would end up homeless. I chose a private agency who specialises in student housing and their rooms and homes in general are small, but like I said I wasn't all that bothered back then. I don't really need a huge home with huge bedrooms, as long as I've got a place to live, then I am good.

With my room, being small, I have less space and storage. However, I have finally conquered my issues with this and I am going to tell you how. 

I have a small double bed, so there is more room underneath. I ordered some storage boxes a few weeks ago and they have been a life saver! They're from Argos (Link here) and I got 2 of them. One of them is filled with spring/summer clothes at the moment because I don't need them obviously and I have no more room in my wardrobe. The other is filled with random things that would have been lying around like, my hot water bottle, a bag, books and stationary that I don't need out. 

They fit perfectly under my bed.

I also bought a bedside table (also from Argos and in the pine effect) because the housing agency doesn't supply one. However, I massively failed at putting it together as I used scissors for a screw driver and I didn't have a hammer so only 1 of the 3 drawers fits in the unit. (Haha) So the table is beside my bed with 1 drawer so I have some personal storage there. The other 2 drawers are actually fitted into my wardrobe and I'll explain that next.

Having a small wardrobe is a nightmare when you have so many clothes and when you don't have any control and end up buying more clothes so nothing fits. Like I said, with my storage boxes, I store the clothes I am not wearing, like now, my spring and summer clothes as it's too cold, but soon I'll be switching it up and putting all my jumpers in the boxes and bringing out my favourite summer t. The two drawers that wouldn't fit into the table unit are placed into the wardrobe so that I can compartmentalise. I've put one of them at the bottom to store all my toiletries and the other I have on one of the shelves to neatly compartmentalise and compact my undies onto one shelf so I have a spare shelf. Also, I've tried to place my socks around the edges ha.

So, I think I might do a part 2 to this post as this one is already quite lengthy but I have more things to talk about on the subject. So, if you're a student running out of space, definitely get some storage boxes to have under your bed, because the ones I have are quite deep so I can get a lot of stuff in them.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed rearranging my room today and finally having more room.

What do you recommend if you have small room with a lot of stuff?

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