Overwhelmed with realisations.

Another day, same old routine and another topic in lecture. I finished my seminar 10 minutes early today and as I was walking home I was overwhelmed with realisations. As I observed all these people around me, going to and from lectures, hanging around, going to the uni bar for dinner, imagining what they're doing, where they're from, what degree they choose and what their life might be like, I became very aware of the fact that I am actually at university. 

To some people, it might not be a big deal but to me, I just kept thinking wtf, I am actually here. I am at the highest type of institution for education. I am an adult now, doing these adult things. I moved away from home, away from my family and friends, I live with 3 other girls, I do my own shopping and washing. I am my own person, I am independent. It has taken me just under 2 years to realise this.

I have realised that I have actually achieved something I never thought I would achieve. Like I am actually on my way to being successful and on my way to a career that I will possibly have for the rest of my life. Like, this is actually happening and I am so glad it is. I am walking around campus with all these people, saying to myself, I actually made it. I made it this far. I could not be any happier with where I have ended up and cannot wait for the future.

And the fact that I am turning 21 in May is even more overwhelming. I am all hyped for the future and overwhelmed with my circumstance, I think I need a lie down. 

Anyone else proud and dazzled by their achievements and progress? Because I am.

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