Things I'm currently loving.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today's post is about the things/products that I am currently loving!

1. Lacoste Elegant perfume. My dad bought this for me for Christmas and it came in a set with shower gel as well and I am so in love with it. It smells amazing.

2. Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I bought this because I had heard so many good reviews about it and wanted to try it for myself. I don't normally buy a new mascara because my Natural Collection one is my go-to and when I do decided to buy a new one, I end up hating it. But this one is so good. It really separates my lashes and builds volume and I have been using it every day since I bought it in December. 

3. Elf matte lipstick in the shade "blushing brown" I got this lipstick just after Christmas and I'm pretty sure it was reduced, I can't really remember. But this shade is so nice and just what I was looking for. It's an inbetween shade of my Mac "verve" and "taupe" which is perfect. It lasts so long and it even though it's matte, it isn't too drying. 

4. The Happiness Planner. I know I have already written a post about it but I am just loving it at the moment. It helps me plan and stick to my goals. It helps to reflect on the past week and see what I can improve on. I have also recently started to keep a food journal and I use this planner to do it with the space I have for each day and this really helps. 

5. Death In Paradise! The show airs mid January every year and Thursday was the 4th episode. This show is one of my all time favourites and I love it every year and so I am loving it at the moment. It's so good and unpredictable. 

6. Another show that I am loving is Gossip Girl. I am already on season 6 and all I want is Chuck and Blair to be happy together! I am definitely hooked!

So, there are some of the things I am currently obsessed with and loving. What are things/products are your favourite at the moment?

Abi x

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