Things I do to relax.

Hello everyone! Being a university student means being forever stressed out about assignments and exams and what to eat and how on earth you're going to survive on a student loan. So here are some of the things that helps me to distress and relax. 

Sometimes, I like to just take a step back and make a cup of tea. Funnily enough, I don't like traditional tea so green tea is my go to. If I am having a super bad day, I'll have chamomile and honey tea instead as this has calming benefits.

Netflix or Youtube. Of course, netflix is my way of relaxing most of the time. Although, I should probably find something else because I could get stuck watching 20 episodes and found that I haven't done any work. Youtube is the same, I could watch my favourite youtuber and instantly feel better. 

Writing. Writing has a way of calming me down in any situation even if it's a blog post. I could write and feel everything falling into calmness. 

Just like writing, I feel calm reading. If I am so stressed to point of crying (thanks to exams) I can always start reading a good book and instantly feel okay. 

Tidying my room. I like to tidy my room or work/make up area if I'm not feeling too great. Clear work space means clear mind right?

So there are just some things that help me to distress or relax. What things do you do to relax?


  1. Completely with you on reading; it makes me completely forget my issues for a while so I can enjoy it. Great post x

  2. Haha completely get what you mean about becoming hooked once you start watching something! I could easily watch episode after episode once I find something good! I find a nice hot shower helps me to relax. If I've got time then maybe a relaxing bath? Just getting in my pjs early and chilling on my bed just seems to wear off the stress of the day.
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

    1. I'm not really a bath person so I can't relate there but getting into my pjs early is definitely a simple stress reliever!

      Abi xx

  3. Love this post, your bedding is so cute 😍! Getting into your PJs after a stressful day is my fave thing ❤️