The Happiness Planner

Hello everyone, hope you all had a wonderful christmas and new year. I definitely did!

So, in November, I decided to invest in the Happiness Planner. I got the undated 52 week journal instead of the dated one just because it was £10 cheaper. 

£30 link here

I'm excited to use this because it focuses on what makes you happy and you have to write it all down. For me, if I write down a goal I am more likely to achieve it than if it were just a mental note.

When you open the planner, it asks you a series of questions such as 

What makes you happy/unhappy?

What are your strengths/weaknesses?

What have you achieved so far that your proud of?

What are your dreams?

What scares you? What is holding you back?

After these questions it goes onto a weekly plan of what you're excited about for the week, what you will do, your personal and professional goals and spaces to write on each day. 

On the next page it reflects on that week by describing the past week in 3 words, the weeks highs and lows, what you'd like to improve on and what you've learnt from that week. 

I will definitely find this helpful to plan for things such as blog posts or of little goals I have and things I want to do more of and also to reflect on what's happened and what I can improve on which tends to be a struggle for me.

Do you have this planner? What are your goals for the this year?

Abi x

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