One thing I love about Christmas is the food. Anyone that knows me will know that I am a foodie! So this post is all about the Christmas food that I look forward to every year!

1. Definitely the biscuit tubs and chocolate tubs! You know it's Christmas when stores pull these out and pile them right next to the entrance with big signs... It's weird because some of the biscuits and some of the chocolates are normal every day snacks but they just taste so much better in a festive tub! Not to mention I could probably get through half of a celebrations box by myself, ops!

2. Bubble and squeak! Best part of the left over Christmas dinner! Simple little snack when you can't eat any more chocolate...

3. The day after chicken sandwich with mayonnaise...sounds simple and a bit silly, but that left of chicken is the best... Waking up, after a great day before, tired and maybe hungover, trying to figure out what food you could stomach.. feeling sad that Christmas is now over and trying to do everything you can to feel the same as you did the day before...left over chicken in a sandwich...perfect

Simple every day foods just taste so much better at Christmas!
I'm sure I have other favourite festive snacks but those 3 is what makes me feel festive!

What's your favourite festive food?

Abi x

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