Christmas gifts for him

Hello guys and welcome back to my Blogmas! Like yesterday I will be giving gift ideas and tips on how to find a good gift for Him. I will try and direct some ideas to certain types of people and some ideas will be general. Hope it helps! :)

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your dad? Perhaps his wallet is old and worn down... Simple and can be meaningful, a new wallet is a perfect gift. There are options these days to get the wallet engraved with a special message making it a thoughtful gift.

Like in Gifts for her, socks are the perfect gift. Trust me, he'll need more socks this year!

Aftershave. Always a good call. Note what ones he's had previous and narrow down the ones you think he will like. I bought my dad the Lacoste Black aftershave for Christmas and he loved it, Lacoste is one of his favourite brands, so I knew it would suit him well. 

Buying for a brother? Does he love Marvel/DC? Maybe a POP Vinyl or a comic will be a good gift for him. Affordable and no doubt he'll love it!

So, there are a few ideas on what to get him. Sorry it's short, I found it harder to think of ideas for him compared to her, but I hope it gives you some idea!

Abi x

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