So Christmas is less than a week away and there are a few things that I am very thankful for again this Christmas. 

1. Having my family. I am always thankful to have my family but I'm especially thankful to have them at Christmas! Christmas wasn't always as fun or exciting for me due to certain family members being absent, not just at Christmas but also in my life so it wouldn't always feel right. But these last few years, I have accepted it and moved on and tried to at least enjoy it and make the most of the family that are in my life! Especially this year where I am the most excited for Christmas than I have been in the last 10 years!

2. My friends. Last year I had friends that I thought were going to be in my life for a very very long time but it turned out that they were not really my friend which is sad but this year I have also become friends with some very lovely people, moving into my new student house and starting a new course at uni. I have also become very close with my flatmate from last year, we were friends but we weren't as close and since the new school year, we have become much closer and I am so glad and grateful to have her in my life. Also, I am very thankful for the friends that I already have (Chenice) who lowkey supports my blog (thanks!) and I have no idea what I would do without her to be honest. She's helped me through some things this year and continually supports me in whatever I do!

3. I am thankful to have gotten through another year, being healthy and much happier. This year I have made so many changes. There have been episodes of self-doubt and allowing myself to give people second chances when they never deserved it. I have learned and realised so much this year and realised who really are my family and friends and I am so lucky and glad to have certain people in my life. I am thankful for being able say no to whatever makes me unhappy and being able to change that and not giving a shit what people might say. I'm also thankful for being able to change my course because as said in previous posts, my heart wasn't in the other course and I was just not happy doing it, so I am glad I changed to my course now which I enjoy a lot more!

So there are a few things that I am so thankful for this Christmas!
What are you thankful for?

Abi x

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