BLOGMAS day 14

I have never missed a Christmas with my family, even last year when I was at uni, I couldn't wait to get back to Bristol and be with my family. 

I have just finished my last assignments of 2016 and I am travelling back to Bristol and staying there for a few weeks until my lectures start again and honestly I can't wait.
Family is so important to me especially at Christmas when it's a special and reflective time of celebrations and gatherings. 

And it's very exciting because my dad is properly doing Christmas this year!!! For the last few years my dad hasn't made much of an effect in terms of getting excited and presents. He hasn't put much effort into the Christmas tree and decs either but this year he has bought a brand new tree! (I shall do a little tour in a later post)

Also, this year I am actually very excited for Christmas, like my dad, I haven't been very in the mood for the festive season for the last few years. I'm not sure if it's my age and it's a little boring for me now or if I am just not feeling it. But this year is different, and I am super excited to celebrate Christmas, and celebrate it with the most important people in my life!

Who are you spending your Christmas with? 

Abi x

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