BLOGMAS day 13

Hello guys and welcome to blogmas day 13! The month is zooming by way to quickly, I am 1 day away from my Christmas break! So me and my housemates decided to do secret santa. Now I have only known them since mid-August/September when we all moved in and we're not super close or anything so buying for one of them proved tricky and of course, none of them really know me, so I'm sure it was hard for my secret santa too. But here is what Shannon bought me!

This is a microwaveable teddy. I love this, I remember when I was about 8 or 9, I actually used to have one of these. You would put it in the microwave for about a minute or so and then it basically becomes a warm cuddle, similar to a hot water bottle (of course, without the water, and this is more cuddly.) I genuinely love this, it's cute and a nice gift and perfect for me because I am always cold and wanting cuddles!

A set of 3 heart shaped candles. I am slowly adding to my candle collection so this is perfect and these will go nicely on my desk or window sill. It also adds a nice little touch to the room. 
Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE Disney! All things Disney. And I love socks! Perfect combo! Always in need of some more socks!

Lastly, you can't not receive socks for Christmas. And these are fluffy socks. I can't tell you enough, how soft these socks are. These are probably the cosiest socks ever. Love them.

So thank you, Shannon. I love all these little pressies! And obviously I can't put the price in because I don't know how much they were as they were gifts!

What did you get from your secret santa?

Abi x

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