Why I started blogging

Since I was about 13, I would always be writing. Lyrics, stories, anything! My imagination is endless! I love writing and the feeling it gives me. I have gone through story ideas after ideas but I would never follow through. For years I have been writing on and off, getting bored on an idea and never found something to keep at. Until, I found out that blogging was a thing. 

I started this blog in January 2015 and if you search through my blog you will find very old (and terrible) posts. But after a few months at it, I stopped, I just couldn't keep it up. I started blogging again that Christmas after a break up and kept it going until about June because I had moved back home for the summer and had started working so I didn't have time or the energy to blog throughout that time. When I moved back to uni I was determined to stick at it this time! I don't have any excuses not to and it's what I love doing. I love writing, it's something that I have always enjoyed! It the thing that I can express myself through and be myself at. I feel at home when I write and I know that sounds cheesey but it's true. 

I've never really had anything to hang onto, to call something mine or my hobby. I had many hobbies, dancing, playing badminton but I always got bored or just suddenly gave it up! But writing and my blog is something that belongs to me and I really feel like I belong here, in writing and the amazing blogging community! Something for myself, I guess. 

So, that is why I started blogging. To write and express my views and opinions and to show that to other people. I love it so much basically. 

Why did you start blogging? Or have you got plans of starting your own blog?

Love, Abi x

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  1. This is such a good reason to start blogging. I started blogging to help me practice my writing. Blogging is just so much fun!

    Eleanor -