Getting winter ready

Hey guys! So it's been gradually getting colder and colder for a few weeks now and is certainly very cold today that the heating is currently on! As most of you will know, winter is my favourite time of the year so I thought I would share with you my checklist for getting winter ready!

All throughout the year my hands can get very dry! Most winter's especially, my hands can be at their worse. They can get so dry, that the skin will crack and bleed and can become very sore. So to start my list off to be ready for winter is to have the Derma hand and nail cream. I swear by this hand cream! I did use to get the Nivea hand cream but because of the price I didn't want to continue using it, so I switched to Derma (75p ish in Tesco) which for it's price is so good and I think it's way better than the Nivea one. It's so moisturising and lasts a long time. I would highly recommend this one!

Even throughout summer I would sometimes have a hot drink, mostly green tea. But one drink that basically symbolises winter for me is hot chocolate. I get the Options Belgium chocolate tub (sometimes sachets) and hot chocolate is a must for me in winter! Getting into my pj's on a miserable day, curling up in bed binge watching some show on Netflix whilst sipping hot chocolate. Perfect way to spend a Sunday (or anyday tbh)

Next is a necessity. Big fluffy socks! I buy new ones every single year. I always get cold feet, even now my feet are cold and I have big socks on so fluffy socks are definitely needed in this cold weather! I hope my dad gets me some socks for Christmas too! I can't remember when or where I got these socks, but they put my in the Christmas spirit for sure! I think they were a Christmas present.

Lastly, I thought I would go out of my comfort zone and get a hat! I always have gloves and scarfs but never a hat because my head is so small that I always think it would look weird on me but I found Primark hats tend to fit me (sort of) so I got this nice simple beanie hat. I think it was £3 but can't really remember. It fits me well, although it sort of sticks out at the top but apart from that I think it looks okay! So if you're like me and have a small head, head to Primark!!

And if it wasn't obvious, to be really ready for Winter I always need a big woolly jumper!! I basically live in jumpers all throughout Winter and I'm always looking out for some new ones!

So there are some of things that get me ready for winter and excited for Christmas! Hope you enjoyed this post! :)

Love, Abi x

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  1. Love this! Hot chocolate and wooly jumpers and hats basically make winter!