20 Blogmas ideas!

Hiya guys! So December is tomorrow which means the Start of Blogmas!! I'm excited to be doing it this year. I actually had to google ideas for it because it had no idea what to do but I have many many ideas now on what content I'll be posting. I think I'm going to alternate between blog posts and Instagram posts because some of my ideas just isn't enough for a whole blog post but I think majority will be on my blog. So I shall be posting everyday (or trying to) for the next 25 days and all content will be Christmas related! I am so hyped for Christmas this year and so is my dad which makes me very happy. So in this (last minute) post, I am going to share with you 20 Blogmas ideas! Hope you enjoy!

1. What to get him/her/secret santa gifts
2. DIY decorations.
3. Christmas wishlist
4. What I love about Christmas
5. What does Christmas mean to you?
6. Favourite Christmas movies!
7. Christmas make up
8. Blogmas ideas.
9. Favourite Christmas candles
10. Best/worst Christmas jumpers
11. Throwbacks to Christmas as a child
12. Christmas tags
13. Christmas day OOTD
14. Photo diary of Christmas day
15. What I got for Christmas
16. Christmas recipes
17. Best Christmas gift I ever got
18. Worst Christmas gift I ever got
19. Gifts I got for my friends and family
20. Reflection of the year

So there are just some of my ideas for Blogmas. There are some there that I am not doing, for example the Christmas recipes, because I cannot bake aha!

So I hope you enjoyed this last minute post for ideas, and hope it's given you some ideas as to what to do for blogmas or even vlogmas!

Abi x

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