Hello again, hope everyone is well! I've been watching a few videos and reading a few posts on favourites and decided that I wanted to share with you my favourites from May!

The first on my list is a foot cream by the brand, Kueshi. I never really used foot creams before so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I really like this cream. My feet can become very dry and sometimes cracked and this cream just fixes this. It makes me feet softer and moisturises my feet. I've been using it more often this month because the weather is warmer which means my feet get worse so I've been digging this foot cream lately! I can't remember how much this costs because I got it in a beauty box.

Next is the Biore "free your pores" baking soda pore cleanser! I got this last month and have been using it every day. It's so good and cleanses my face and pores and leaves me skin so smooth. My skin isn't the best and this just helps a little to make my skin better. It costs about £5 which isn't too bad and you don't have to use large amounts so it lasts a good while.

Next is a lipstick/balm by Revlon and is the Matte Balm in the shade Sultry. It's similar to Mac's Twig but I think this one is more pinky whilst Twig is more browny-pink. It's such a good lipstick, lasts a good amount of time and the colour is lush! It cost about £7 I think, can't really remember.

The next, is a dupe for Mac's velvet teddy (or so I read on Pintrest, so cannot compare) and is he Rimmel Kate Moss collection in the shade 03. As I said, I got it from Pintrest and people have compared 03 and Velvet Teddy and I can see they are similar. I didn't really want to buy Velvet Teddy just in case I didn't like it and had spent £15 on it so I went to find this dupe. The Kate Moss one was £5.50 and the shade is a browny nude and I absolutely love it. It's such a nice neutral colour and I think it suits me well.

The next product is a sample from when I last ordered from Mac. It's the False Lashes Extreme in Black mascara and I absolutely love this mascara. It's £20 but I keep debating whether I want to spend that much on a mascara. It is amazing though, it evens out my lashes and builds on the length of my lashes really well. As it says on the product, it gives a false lash look which I really like. I would highly recommend.

I have been really loving Orphan Black this year (season 4) so much darkness and betrayal and exciting things happen in this season. I've been watching OB from the very beginning when it first aired and fell in love with it instantly. It's a match for the type of shows that I like and it's so interesting and dark. I think this season is the best season because so much has happened and so much is happening and there's loads of twists and turns in this season, I just think it is so worth the watch! It is on the UK netflix as well- all the seasons!

So there are my (late) May favourites, I hope you liked my favs and would like to know if you've been loving any of the products/show I have mentioned as well!

Love, Abi x

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