Battle of the curls

Hi guys, sorry its been ages since a post- I ran out of motivation again :(

So, having naturally straight hair can be quite depressing sometimes as I can't do much else with my hair and can be boring. Few years ago I got some hair curlers, which curls my hair nicely. I also recently bought some hair straighteners after watching  hair curling videos on youtube. So today I am going to compare the two hair devices and see which is better to use to curl hair.

The hair curlers.
I got a Babyliss curling wand with a scoop. (I would link the product below, but I got the curlers years ago and don't think they will be advertised still and cannot remember how much they were, guessing £20-30)
The scoop is so that you can trap the end of the hair and curl upwards without holding the hair in place. For years I had been using a technique which curled my hair really nicely however even with hairspray, the curls just would not hold. So a few months ago, I tried a different technique. I took a medium piece of hair and trapped the top of the hair into the scoop and twisted the wand toward my head. I then slowly pulled the wand down. The curls produced by this technique came out differently every time, so it sort of looked natural. Some of the curls also came out frizzy but then the frizz died down and the curls looked alright. This device and technique is good for bouncy big curly hair, with angel like curls/tight curls. With these technique as well, the curls held much longer even without hairspray which is great because I absolutely hate hairspray!

The hair straighteners.
Again, a Babyliss product. It's a pro ceramic hair straightener. (£18)(
It's a really good straightener and has two heat settings, one low/medium and another high heat. This device gives much different curls compared to the curlers which is what I like. It doesn't give curly curls, but more of a tight wave or light wave. I use the same technique as the curlers. I take a medium size piece of hair and trap the top of the piece in the device, either twisting it toward or away from my head slightly, and pulling down, producing a curl/wave. It does need hairspray to keep the curls in place, but they don't normally last very long :( so will have to figure something out.

Overall, I like both curl styles that both products produce, it just depends on the occasion and mood and what type of curls you're after! I recommend both products, they're both great, but as I said I don't know if you can still get my curlers anymore because I got them years ago!

Hope you liked this post! Which product do you prefer?

Love, Abi x

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