First year uni experience

Hey guys, so today's post is a little different. I have almost finished my first year of university and I thought I would share my experiences with you and give you a few tips if you're going to university or considering it!

So, as you will all know, I moved 3 hours away from home to be at university and moved into halls. I feel like being in halls is a bad decision for me personally, but I also feel as though it was a good experience. Of course with all halls experiences there is going to be good times and bad times. For me first semester was a good time but second semester just changed completely. So at the beginning, it was great, I just moved in, met my new flat mates, as only a few of you will know before university, I was always quiet and shy and not very confident in myself or socially, so moving away from home and into a flat of strangers was a very big step for me. For the first few months, things were great, I had plenty of friends, I had a boyfriend and things were just really good. However just before Christmas, things changed a lot for me and a lot of other people. I broke up with my boyfriend, and at first I was kind of devastated but then I realised I was better than that, and realised that I was better off without that person in my life and happily moved on during the Christmas holidays.

Anyway, things with my flat felt a little bit dodgy or awkward when we came back for the second semester. During the holidays, I really felt people changing or showing their true colours, like they weren't the person I met during freshers. It was as if they were a completely different person. Majority of the first semester I had one or two close friends, but that changed in semester two. It was like I didn't know that person anymore or I was blind in seeing who they really are. I am not saying all of your flat mates are going to be like that, I mean I'm still very good friends with like 4 of my flat mates, however, during first semester we didn't really hang out loads compared to this semester. So basically during those holidays and in this semester, I cut a lot of people off. During first semester, I was very sociable, I went out, I hung out with friends, but during those holidays and when I came back for second semester, I became very reserved and to myself. I realised that I was surrounded by some fake people and not very nice friends, So like I said, I cut some people off, and just kept to myself, I didn't hang out with people so much, I didn't go out. I guess I just got bored of the whole uni experience idea, like the idea of going out all the time got a little boring and I would rather spend my time and money on something that is going to last me. Like yeah, I'll go out with my friends, go to a club but that's like once in a blue moon, that a more "spending time with friends" thing more than partying for the sake of it.

However, I'm not saying I hated my first year of uni at halls. A lot of the time was great! I had some really fun times and even some of those times I was drunk and probably can't remember! Although, I'm sad that some of those really great times were spent with people that I don't even talk to anymore, or people that I've completely cut off because I got bored of their bs, or they turned out to be someone I didn't like or just turned out be straight up fake.

One big change that did happen was having to move halls (due to refurbishments). During this move, we gained 4 new flat mates, who were on the floor below us in the old halls. This made things quite awkward and difficult, because of course we never spoke and didn't really get along and overall we were completely different people. For example before the move, my flat was generally reserved, quiet and just kept to ourselves most of the time. But with the 4 new flat mates, they're generally more loud and into the whole party thing more than we are, so its a bit of a clash, but we just choose to accept it. This change as well, really bought me and 4 others together during this semester (the only 4 I really get on with and talk to)

So basically what I am saying is, go to Halls, however be wary of people no matter what. My problem was that I trusted people too easily during the first semester. I mean, I'm not saying don't trust them, just be cautious of people, of your flat mates because they might show their true colours after a few months and turn out to be a horrible person. And I'm not saying everyone is going to turn out to be horrible, you might find a true person in your flat or around campus, you might even find your best friend. But based on my own experience, I would be careful who you trust at the beginning.

Accept the fact that you might not get on with all your flat mates. In the beginning for me, we all got on, we were all friends. However, due to some drama and such, I only get on with everyone but like 4 or 5 in my flat now. And that's okay, although it can be a little awkward in the kitchen.

Don't assume your flat mates won't do something to hurt you. They're not all going to do this, but with my experience, a few people that I was friends with, I swear they just didn't care about my feelings or how I felt and did something or said something that really hurt me.

And finally, on a brighter note, I really suggest going to university in general and move away from home (if you want) because university and living with people other than my family has really given me confidence in myself personally and socially. I feel like a better person overall. I really overcame some fears and boundaries and I am so proud of myself for taking a big step. And living in halls will give you the independence that you need and want and yes it is a big step, but it's worth it, and it will a great experience, and the best time of your life (sometimes haha)

Are you at university and living in halls? What's your halls experience, was it bad or good or both like mine?

Love, Abi x

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