Not so "Wonder'full" mascara

Hello again! How is everyone?

This week I'm going to talk about a not so great product. I have only ever used one mascara throughout my years which is the Natural Collection Lash Definition mascara. But recently I have decided I wanted to try something new, after years of using the same type of mascara.

 I picked out the Rimmel London "Wonder'full" mascara. I think it's purpose is to make your lashes fuller, and to evenly spread out each lash so that they don't clump together. However, on the first try of this mascara I was a little displeased. I had to apply multiple layers, and even though it spreads each lash out, it does not add length to my lashes and just overall looks horrible. It also makes my lashes very cheap. Cost: £7/8.00

On a brighter note however, it is a good product when applied after the NC lash definition mascara, even though NC mascara separates each lash nicely, also adding length to my lashes, the Rimmel mascara just makes my lashes more spread out a little nicer. NC mascara cost: £2.00

Overall, I would not use this product again, and only rarely use it as a topper layer after applying NC mascara. So for a mascara that is meant to be "Wonder'full", it certainly isn't wonderful. Just goes to show that sometimes the more pricey something is, doesn't necessarily mean it's better than something less pricey. I would however, definitely recommend Natural Collection mascara (lash definition) especially if you're going for that natural look. It does a better job than Rimmel "Wonder'full".

What are your thoughts on both mascaras? What other mascaras would you recommend?

Love, Abi x

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