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So recently I wrote down every place I ever visited and I'm surprised that I've gone to so many amazing locations from Spain and Paris to London and Birmingham and each time has been for something brilliant from a family holiday to a film premier! So I am going to list my favourite places and of course mention if they are any good for shopping!

So here are my top 5 places to visit!

So in at number 5 is Cheltenham. Sadly I didn't see much of Cheltenham, but what I did see was the beautiful posh-like buildings and they are one of the reasons why I would live there. Also, their shopping centre is great but also easy to get lost in haha!

At number 4 is London! I went to London with Chloe and Chenice for the Divergent film premier which took place in Leicester Square! Again with Cheltenham, I didn't see much of London as a whole, but from what I did see I did fall in love! Leicester Square was lovely and I just loved the whole big city idea. With tall buildings and loads of cool shops, I know I definitely would love to go again. Maybe for the weekend or something.

Number 3 is Paris. I have talked about Paris in a recent post but it is definitely a place everyone has to go! It's so beautiful. The view from the Eiffel Tower was amazing. The other tourist places were the Arc De Triomphe and The Louvre. The make up shops there too were over whelming, like Sephora and Kiko. But if you don't visit for the tourist attractions or the very indulgent make up shops, then go for Disneyland! Such a great holiday! Such a beautiful place.

Number 2 is Spain! As you guys know from my other recent post about Salou, you should know that Spain is like my second home. I love Spain, anywhere in Spain. (especially Salou) Not only does Spain have beautiful sandy beaches, they also have great waterparks, great sunsets, great views and also PortAventura! (mentioned in Salou post) What's a better excuse to jump on a plane than sandy beaches, tans and themeparks? Spain is definitely one of my favourite places and can't wait to go back there!

Nnumber 1 is very close to my heart. As a lot of you know, this place is my home despite currently living in Stoke at the moment. It may not be amazing to everyone, but it has been my home since I was born and since moving to stoke, I didn't realise how much I loved Bristol. I didn't live in an amazing town, but the city was lovely. Having Cribbs Mall and Cabot Circus, not to mention the Harbour side, Bristol really is a wonderful place. The view when eating dinner at the V shed by the Canal to shopping in Cabot. They have some really good (very designer) shops in Cabot too! So yes, my number 1 place to visit is Bristol. 

I have been to other amazing places, but these 5 are my favourite so far! What's your favourite place to visit?

Love, Abi x

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