Lipstick swatches and my favourite

So, after buying many lipsticks in the space of a few months I thought it was time to do swatches! I know some of the lipsticks have featured in previous posts but this a chance to see what they look like on skin (I was going to put my lipsticks on but the lighting at the moment isn't very good, so I may do them another time and add them) So here are my lipsticks!

Right to left: Heavely-Sensual-08-Twig-Whirl-Ruby Woo-Russian Red-107

MAC: Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Whirl and Twig. (£15.50 each)

Russian Red is a very bright bold red, where I would probably only wear it for special occasions. It's a matte formula, and glides easily onto the lips.

Ruby Woo is a retro matte formula, which I didn't realise until I put it on and it felt like I was applying a crayon onto my lips. The colour is a perfect shade of redish pink. It's a really nice colour, but if MAC were to put this shade as a regular matte I would buy it.

Whirl (mentioned in previous post) is a nude-brown shade and is also matte. I described this one as a morbid shade but a really nice shade. Perfect for winter/spring time. One of my favourites!

Twig is my recent purchase. Satin formula, and is pinker than Whirl but is also a nude shade. Really nice to put on and looks amazing!

RIMMEL KATE MOSS: 107 and 08 (£5/£5.50 each)

107 is what I would describe as "mean" red, it's the kind of red you would wear if you were going to get revenge on someone. It's a matte formula and it really nice to put on.

08 is sort of like MAC twig, It's a pinky nude shade and I mentioned this one in a previous post!

BD TRADE SECRETS: Heavenly and Sensual (£5/£6 each)

Heavenly, when I saw this one on the website, it looked like a nude shade. Though when I tried it on, it was more of a mild orange-coral colour. Its a matte lipstick, however with Heavenly and Sensual, it says they are lip melts, which to me when I put them on, they feel light on my lips compared to a MAC lipstick and I would say they are a lipstick, without the commitment of being a lipstick. Like I mentioned they are and feel light on my lips so I barely notice I am wearing them.

Sensual, is also a matte lip melt. It's a more nude/pink shade but lighter than that of MAC Twig and Rimmel Kate 08.

So, there are all my lipsticks!

So far my favourites have to be Whirl/Twig/08 mainly because they are nudes/nude-pink and I'm digging the whole nude shades right now! But seeing as Twig is my most recent purchase, I have to say Twig at the moment, it's a subtle perfect shade for all occasions!

Love, Abi x

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  1. Lovely post, great shades!

    xo Millie