Why you need house plants

When I moved into my uni room, it was quite morbid. The walls look like they should be prison cells instead of a vibrant students room. I did my best to cover these walls, and to just simply brighten up my room with pretty things. So I decided to get a house plant. I got a small dragon tree, which is easy to look after as it needs feeding every 3-4 days. There are so many benefits to having a house plant and it just makes your home or room look more nicer.

1. Obvious but so important; they produce oxygen and contribute to a zen feeling in every environment, making you breathe easier.
2. They can actually help fight colds. They have been shown to reduce cold related illnesses by 30% by increasing humidity levels and decreasing dust. Dust can contribute to different types of cough which is what I suffered from when I first moved into my room. 
3. Plants just make you happy. They contribute to a feeling of well-being, making you calmer and more optimistic. With plants, you're less likely to be breathing the kind of stuffy, stale air that contributes to headaches.
4. Plants can improve your mental health. Caring for a living thing can help when one is depressed and lonely, as it gives them something to do and giving them a sort of purpose in life.
5. Plants reduce carbon dioxide. During photosynthesis, plants draw carbon dioxide from the air. Removing the substance can help prevent drowsiness from elevated levels.
6. Some plants can offer treatment. Like Aloe, this can be applied to the skin and offer pain relief. 
7. Plants can make your brain work better. Potted plants and flowers can improve your idea generation, mood and more.
8. Plants are natural humidifiers. There's no need to buy a humidifier machine to soften the air, just add a few plants!
9. Overall, they provide clean air and can clear congestion. In addition to filtering chemicals, plants also put out clean air, improving the air quality. Eucalyptus in Particular can help clear phlegm and congestion from your system. 

So there are just a few benefits of getting a house plant and I am sure there are many more reasons and benefits to getting a house plant. All I can say, is having my house plant, I have felt better overall.

Do you have a house plant? What plant do you have?

Speak soon, Abi :)


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