shade 08

Hello guys, sorry that my posts have been all over the place recently, they will go back to normal this week!

So anyway, I have another Rimmel Kate lipstick to share with you all. I only bought this on Saturday and have tested it and properly wore it today and I can tell you I am already in love! It's the Rimmel Kate shade 08, lasting finish. And I think its safe to say that it's a matte finish, it doesn't say, but it does feel matte. Again with the last Rimmel Kate lipstick I posted about, this one is also £5.50. Great value for a great price!

I really really love this shade, as it's a natural, pinky nude colour. It glides so nicely onto my lips as well, and as it says on the packaging, its long lasting, even after eating!

So if you're after a natural pink/nude colour, this one is perfect! It honestly is so nice and would definitely re buy it!

What's your favourite Rimmel Kate lipstick?

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