So I hadn't had a proper family holiday abroad in years and back in late 2014, my dad decided it was time to hit the beach and tans! (and of course the alcoholic beverages!) We had discussions about going to DisneyWorld Florida and Mexico! However, we decided on somewhere close to home (in terms of love not location) and picked Spain, and specifically Salou!

From when I was about 6 years old, Spain had always been like a second home to me! Taking about two holidays a year there, in Almeria, which is south east in Spain. Even at some point we had lived there for about a year and a half. So it was really nice to go back there.

Salou is North in Spain, so it was nice to go to somewhere in Spain I haven't been before. I was quite nervous as well though, because I didn't know Salou like I knew Almeria. So anyway, we went and booked a two week holiday in late July-early August of 2015. I was so excited, it was just what I needed! Although I did forget how hot Spain was, and was taken back a bit haha, sort of felt like I was dying sometimes.

So anyway, we stayed at this really nice hotel called EuroSalou Hotel, ignore all the bad reviews on trip advisor, believe me I was terrified after reading the reviews and it turned out to be such a good hotel for 3 stars! The food was amazing, staff were so nice and everything was just how I wanted it to be! Although I should warn you, be careful with the hotel public toilet locks! 5 minutes after arriving at the hotel, I did manage to get myself locked in the toilets and ended up having a break down. But apart from that everything was great!

Salou, is so beautiful. It really was heaven walking off the calories from your buffet at the hotel along the beach front in the evening and it is a very long beach front! There was so much going on, from Water fountain art to little entertainment acts on the front! Not to mention, the strip with all the shops and bars! It really was so beautiful! And my goodness, the sunsets! The photos I have does not give those sunsets justice at all. (photo-water art behind us)

So the majority of my stay in Salou, we either sunbathed by the pool at the hotel, or went to the beach and..well.. sunbathed there! I must say I got a great sun tan! The one thing we definitely planned on doing, was going to Portaventura! It was a very long day but it was worth it. Majority of the day was waiting for rides and I know it sounds silly but it was worth it, that little moment of thrill. The last ride me and my brother went on was the Shambhala and we waited about 2 hours, and it was so thrilling. It didn't have chest protection, only like a bar going across your bottom half. It was scary just because of that I think, not having any chest protection to hold on! But it was so good! I would do it again if I could.

So, we didn't really do a lot within the 2 weeks, just mostly sunbathed or went along the beach front and went to bars really. But it really was a good place to go and I am so lucky to have gone, especially with my family as it might have been the last proper family holiday I can have. So here are a few more photos of my holiday! Hope you enjoy them.

If you visit Salou, Visit Koko beach club! The view is amazing, but the sunset on an evening is even better!

So if you're ever wondering where you want to visit, I really suggest Salou, it really is such a nice place and plenty to do! Close to Barcelona and 30 mins bus trip from Portaventura! Plus a very beautiful beach! I will definitely be going again one day!

Have you ever been to Salou? Did you like it?

Love, Abi :)

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