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So over a year ago I went on holiday with my best friends to Paris. It was my first holiday without my family and I think I was more excited than nervous. We left on my friends birthday and stayed for 4 days. It was the best trip ever and I loved every moment of it. I may do an in depth post about the trip another time but the post is dedicated to a lip gloss I bought in Paris from Kiko.

We first went in Sephora and I just felt very overwhelmed because I didn't even realise that that many products could exist. I wasn't really a make up person, my usual would just be eyeliner and mascara. I have never been and still am not a foundation, powder or contour kind of person, I just don't think any of that will benefit my skin and I have just never really been interested. Any way, after our mesmerising time in Sephora we headed to Kiko. I bought black nail varnish and a lip gloss. It's one of my favourite lip glosses and I think it is such a nice colour. It's the Kiko Creamy Lip Gloss shade 107. I think it's best to describe it is a dark pink shade, but sometimes I will only put a little bit on and it looks like a rosy pink and is really lovely. I think it cost me about 7 euros but it was worth it, it has lasted me over a year and the overall product is so nice.

Do you have any Kiko products? If so, let me know which ones! Do you recommend any lip sticks or lip glosses in general or from Kiko?

 Abi x

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