That one love.

Everyone has a love in their life, and I am not talking about family, friends or partners. Something that no one else can understand your deep passion for. Something that just does not compare to family or friends, a different type of love and passion, something you could never give up. Something that would and could never end or betray you, something that you turn to for everything wrong and right in your life. Something you think is so perfect in your life, you don't believe it exists.

My love, Kodaline.

I turn to them when I am sad, and when I am happy. They make me happy. My love for Kodaline is so deep nobody else understands. They are the most perfect thing in my life, they are the only ones I trust, and even though they are just a band, and they don't even know that I exist, they are still the ones who mean the most to me, aside family and friends.

Everyone has something or someone, or a group of people that they cherish with all of their breath and beating of their hearts. It wouldn't be normal for one to not have this. Because this is our only freedom we have in life, and without I think we would all go insane. Whether it be a band, tv show, film or hobby. These are things we cherish and love the most in all our lives, perhaps more than the people we call family and friends, and that is alright.

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