Turkish delight

So, recently I went out and treated myself to some lip glosses! I bought two, but I love one more than the other, which is the Natural Collection lip gloss- colour "Turkish Delight" It is such a gorgeous colour and I've possibly worn it everyday since its purchase! I love it so much. Also all of the lip glosses are £1.99 each! Which is great, but Natural Collection products are quite cheap in general and considerably cheap compared to other brands, which is one of the reasons why I love this brand so much. Now, don't get suspicious about their quality due to their price, its cheap but their products are brilliant quality. I use a number of their products and love them all so much, so I think Natural Collection in general is worth a try! Are you using any Natural Collection products? If so, what products are you using? Are they any good? Let me know! Speak soon! 

Abi :)
Not my photo.

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