Your data
The only data that this site collects are from cookies and if you signed up to the email subscription or followed the blog. Data collected from these services may include your name, email address and age. 

Using your data
This blog does not use your data for anything other than the email subscription/follower if you signed up for it. This blog also does not share your data with any other persons or company and is stored safely on the google account this blog is associated with. Data from blog comments, likes and shares may be obtained but will not be used in mailing lists and won't further be used. 

Opting out
If you are subscribed to the blog and receive emails you can easily opt out from receiving emails in the future by emailing and simply saying you want to opt out. We should have this sorted out for you as soon as possible after receiving your email. 
If you are a follower and wish to unfollow, please contact us and let us know on the above email and we will try our best to remove you from the list. 

For any reason of a breach of data, we will remove ALL data straight away to avoid any more breaches and will email those affected within 72 hours of the breach. 

Thank you.

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