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Salou: places to go

Hello everyone! A post has definitely been long overdue but here I am now, with a post!
I recently went on holiday to Salou (3rd time there) and I can't get enough of the place! You know when you go to a place and the moment you step onto that land it feels likes home? Yeah, Salou feels a lot like home to me and with home you know you're way around the town, so here are a few places that are great to get food and the views!

1. Old Brown Cow- English bar
There are plenty of English bars in Salou and OBC is one of them. They're great for light/snacky meals and nice cool place to chill with an indoor and a shaded outdoor area. We only came here once but their food was nice and the staff were great too. It also wasn't too busy here in the afternoon so it makes a great chilled pub/bar.

2. Fox and Hounds- English bar
Out of the 7 days we were in Salou, we had lunch here for at least 3 of those days. The staff and their service was amazing and super friendly with their main selling points being their 1.80 euro pints. Being at this bar feels like home with their English food and happy atmosphere. I had tried their ham & cheese baguette and ham & cheese toasties (which were more fried than toasted, but was much better fried) and their very generous serving of chips! Both the baguette and toasties were lush, light and easy. Of course you'd only want a light lunch whilst in 30 degree heat and with Fox and Hounds the price is decent as well. Honestly, could not fault the place and it quickly became our favourite place to go for a chill out and snack.

3. Koko beachclub- English bar
We found this beachclub back in 2015 on our first trip and have loved it ever since purely for the views and super friendly staff. We've never tried the food there but they also serve light snacks. The pricing is a little bit more of that at Fox and Hounds but the view kinda makes up for it. Koko is located up the hill at the end of the coast line and the evening views are amazzzzzzing. Their balcony overlooks the coastline up until the boat port.

 Overall, Salou is just a great place to go. It's great for families with loads of family-friendly hotels, bars and public areas. It's also great for a friends holiday. We stayed in a hotel that was close to a nightclub that partied until 5am and of course, there is The Strip with many coastal bars and clubs. Salou is an all-rounder type of place to go.

Current Favourites

Hello guys and welcome back to a new post! It has been a while since I did a favourites post and I'm so excited to share with you what I am loving at the minute! I have been using these products for months and they are here for a reason!

The first make up product that I ever bought was from Natural Collection and I have been using them for years.. Up until nearly 2 years ago, I swore by their mascara until I tried the Maybelline Lash Sensational- which is an amazing mascara, may I add. But a few months ago, I saw they had a little make over with their product design and improved some of their product formulas, which intrigued me to buy back into their brand and let me tell you, I am not disappointed. I have 3 different types of mascara but my favourite is the Definition mascara and I have been wearing it for the past month and a bit. It's doesn't have as much heavy build as Maybellines' but it does a great job. I think it is similar to Maybelline but with less volume and a more natural build. I can notice a slight difference in formula than it was a few years ago but I kinda like it. Overall, it's an amazing mascara for the price of £2.50 (I believe this is a new price, but still so cheap!!) Definitely worth it!

(Natural Collection, again) I was never a big fan of NC's nail polish before their re-brand, because of a lack of colour pay off and sustainability, but I decided to try them again because of the re-brand and I have to say, they've definitely improved this formula as well. The colour pay off is much better and they last longer than they did before. I got 2 colours, both in a neutral shade and they're very subtle and lovely shades. I think the nail polishes are £2 as well.

The next product is the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Facial Scrub with active charcoal. (£4.75 150ml) I have been using this product for about a month now and I can notice a difference in my skin. I use it every night and my skin is left refreshed and soft and it feels and looks like it really cleans my skin after the long day. Sometimes it does dry out certain areas of my face, but it doesn't affect my skin hugely the next day. Ever since I have been using this, I have less spots and outbreaks, which is always a good thing because I always get really huge spots.

My next love of the month is the KIKO lipstick in the shade 318 (Matte) I bought this as a substitute for my Rimmel Kate Moss 107 as I was running out and I can't find it in any shops at the moment! It's similar in shade but the berry shades are slightly different. The KIKO lipstick is amazing. Amazing shade, amazing colour pay off, amazing formula and it holds really well. It's a perfect dark berry winter shade and goes with a casual or occasional look. Honestly, I don't know what else to say about this lippy because it's amazing, especially for the price and even the packaging is cute af. (£4 in the sale)

So there is all my favourites at the moment! Let me know what you think and if these are any of your faves as well!

Ted Baker fragrances

Hello everybody! I know I haven't done a post in like forever, but I have been quite busy with uni work etc etc along with all the Christmas chaos! However, I have been excited to share this post with you, even if it has taken me months to find the strength to type it out. It is about my new found love for Ted Baker fragrances. 

For my 21st Birthday, my friend bought me a Ted Baker gift set and came with it was a mini body spray. It was the Blush Pink spray and it was a very floral/rosy scent and I loved it. So of course, when I ran out of it I hopped straight onto Boots and decided to have a little gander at the other Ted Baker fragrances and thought I'd share with you my purchases. (Side note: this post isn't an ad or sponsored, I just genuinely love these fragrances!)

1.  Ted Baker Sweet Treats "Ella" Eau De Toilette 30ml. £18
(Apologies, part of the "Baker" writing has scratched off :( )

I love this smell and I kind of went on a whim when I ordered this! Normally, I have to smell it before I buy it just in case I actually hate it... but this was not the case this time. The only way I can actually describe this scent is that it is sweet, yet sort of musky.. that probably sounds horrid, but honestly, it's not. I pretty much wear this every single day and it's definitely a winter scent.
"Top notes of Bergamot and Cassis, with a heart of orange blossom, jasmine and rose and enticing base notes of amber, sandalwood and vanilla."

The next scents came in a trio pack which was £8 (save £1 if you buy as the trio instead of individually) , one being the Blush Pink which I had before (and I believe I included it in a favourites post before). The other two are the Opulent Petal and Pretty Pearl scents. 

2.The Opulent Petal spray. £3 individually.

This one is similar to the Ella fragrance but smells more sweet and floral, which is a nice lil' combo. The scent description on the boots website makes it sound amazing and it does smell great. It has that musky hint and black pepper, which probably sounds disgusting and a bit odd but actually it really goes! I normally wear this one when I'm going "out out" or making a extra effort for certain occasions.
"Entwines notes of Jasmine, orange blossom and exotic ylang, whilst the decadent base of silky vanilla, musk and spicy black pepper completes the scent."

3. The Petal Pearl. £3 individually.

I absolutely LOVE this scent. It smells so fresh and airy which I think is my all time favourite type of smell. It is very refreshing especially in this weather. I can definitely smell the rose petals and sandalwood, as said in the description. Out of all 3 scents in the trio pack, this one is my favourite. I typically wear this one on a casual basis, normally everyday haha. 
"Blends fruity top notes with soft rose petals and sandalwood, whilst the base of musk and raspberry leaf completes the scent."

So, there are the Ted Baker fragrances that I bought and I absolutely love them! A great lil' collection I have there. Do you have any of these or a different one that you love? Let me know! I would love to expand the collection.

Current Favourites

Hello you lovely people! Today I have a few favourites that I'd love to share with you!

First up are these candles that I bought a few months ago from Tesco. They're watermelon and pineapple scented and they smell so good! I got them for £1.50 each and I know that summer has ended but I just really love them at the moment!

Next up is my Ted Baker lip balm. I got this for my birthday as part of a gift set. I use this quite a lot anyway but thought I would mention it because it is so good especially for this time of year and my lips begin to get really dry and horrible. It lasts for a good few hours and it is honestly so hydrating and moisturising for my lips. I know some lip balms tend to dry out your lips even more but this one doesn't, thank goodness.. It also smells like those Malted Milk biscuits which is oddly comforting and nice!

Next is a recent purchase and it is the Collection Primed and Ready invisible setting powder with Witch Hazel. I put this on after my BB cream and it mattifies my skin and it looks really good on. Obviously based on the name, it's just a clear powder. I also use this as a blotting powder during the day because my skin is super oily so this helps a lot just to soak up the excess oil. I also like this because it has Witch Hazel in it which is always good for ones skin. It was £3.99 from Superdrug.

Last but not least, my "dream" slogan jumper. Again, a very recent purchase but I loved it the moment I saw it! It's from New Look and is a size large. I thought I had ordered a size medium but I guess not and is very big on me but I think it looks great oversized anyway. The material isn't thick but isn't quite thin either, but it is so cosy and warm. I wear it with the sleeves rolled up a bit. This was £7.99 and it wasn't even on sale! I just love this jumper, and like I said it is super cosy.

So, there are just a few of my recent faves! Hope you liked it!

Back to uni stationary haul!

I don't know about you but I LOVE stationary! It's that time of year again where it is definitely acceptable to splash on a few bits and bobs in time for uni to start again. I was looking everywhere online to find some cute ring binders and note books and I came across The Works. Turns out, they are having a massive sale on right now so I thought I would treat myself. (Prices at the bottom)

The first items on the list is a matching ring binder, little note pad and pack of 4 pencils. Cute and simple design, the colour is lush (it's a more a greeny colour, excuse the lighting) with gold-foil polka dots. I love note pads and I always seem to get one when I don't reaaaaally need one, but it matched, so I just couldn't help myself. 

I picked up this A5 notebook with "boss lady" on the cover which I thought was very cool. I thought this would be good to use when I am volunteering at my local health organisation or when I'm having an off day and I can use this and feel empowered again doodling blog post ideas or random thoughts! The paper is really good quality. 

Pack of 36 felt pens. I have already used these quite a bit doodling ideas down and they are very nice, I feel like they will last a long time and the colour payoff is great too. They come in a range of shades with each colour group which I find great!

I recently picked up a pen pal which means I had to go out and buy some cute writing paper! I got these designs which come with 10 paper sheets and 10 envelops... I don't think you can ever go wrong with floral writing paper so I got 2 of those and I really liked the flamingo one too, kinda quirky I think. The quality of the paper is great too, it's not that thin shitty type. I can't wait to get writing and connect to my pen pal!

Green Polka dot ring binder: £1.50
Polka dot note pad: £1.00
Polka dot pencils (4 pk): £1.00
Boss lady note book: £2.00
36 pack of felt pens: £3.00
Writing sets (individual): £1.00 each

So as you can see, my little haul was a bargain, which I am so happy about! I also got some plain bic pens but they weren't that exciting so I didn't include them... I am also glad to be back at uni going into my second year however, I'm kind of not looking forward to all the work that I have to do! Oh well, at least I have cute stationary to make it a little bearable!

PS. I am also back to planning blog shenanigans after not blogging for a little over a month whilst I was back at home with my family! So you can expect another post soon!!