Little changes- a better me

Hello lovelies! Recently I decided that enough is enough, it's time to change a few things... I want to be more active and energised and overall healthy! I made a few changes to my diet and lifestyle, not big changes, just little changes, to make me feel more energised, motivated and generally more happier with myself.

The first thing I have started to do is drinking water in the morning or as soon as I wake up. I will always try and drink as much water during the day as I can or when I remember but drinking water in the morning gives me that little boost to feel awake and helps me get into a routine of drinking more water. This has helped me to wake up a little better and boosts my metabolism. I know it's a cliche to say always drink water, water helps etc but honestly there is a reason for that; because it actually helps!

Yoga. I bought a yoga mat about 2 weeks ago (sadly only used it once because it's at my uni house) but I am really looking forward to starting yoga and becoming a more free spirited person. I think it will be really good for me because a lot of the time I can feel really groggy and sort of cramped up (I don't know how else to describe it) so it will help me to relax my body a bit more and feel better inside and out!

I have also changed my toothpaste (wow I know) I used to use any of the Colgate toothpaste but recently switched to the Arm & Hammer baking soda toothpaste and I can tell a big difference. My teeth feel much cleaner than when I used Colgate and I am pretty sure my teeth are a little whiter too which makes me feel a lot better about my teeth since they have been slightly discoloured due to having braces. 

I am trying to train my hair to not be so oily. I have struggled with oily hair for years and it is an actual pain to wash it every single day. However, I have been trying for about 2 months to not wash it everyday but every other day (so I'll wash it Monday, not wash it on Tuesday then wash it on Wednesday) and it's a very slow process...but I'm feeling more confident to keep up with this pattern even though sometimes it does pain me to not wash my hair and there has been days where I don't stick to this plan and wash my hair everyday for a week or so but I am trying!

For a while now, I have been buying light and wholewheat products and foods. I always buy light butters and cheese and wholewheat pasta's and slowly buying organic food when I can. Honestly, I can't tell a difference between them, but I think that's kinda the point but I do feel good about consuming these foods.

There you have it, a few little changes I have made or am making to feel better, to feel more energised, active and motivated in every aspect! 

Would love to know what suggestions you have so that I can try them too!


  1. I drink so much water that I constantly need the loo haha! I also wash my hair every other day or sometimes every 3 but it just means you need to find different hairstyles to mask it if your hair gets a little oily!

    Sian x

    1. Ah thanks love! It's hard to not wash my hair sometimes because I just feel gross! I have a hair style that I like doing because it's good at masking the oil but I'm still trying to master that hairstyle aha! Xx