Disappointing products

Hello everyone! I don't know about you but I love buying and trying new products! But there is nothing worse than buying a product, being so excited to try it and ending up hating it! Here are a few of my disappointing products!

The first product is the Garnier Skin Active BB cream. I did end up using this for a few months but I began to notice how yellow/dark it was compared to my actual skin tone and stopped using it. I got it in the shade light but I felt like it didn't match my skin at all. I have really oily skin and I think this made my skin become oily quicker. I won't be using this again..

The next is the MUA matte lipstick. I heard so many good things about this brand and their products but I really could not relate! I got this lipstick in the shade Fawn Fancy which is a brown shade. The colour is amazing but applying it on my lips was quite disappointing. There was no colour payoff and it felt like I applied it about 100 times before any colour could semi-show. 

The Revlon Volume and Length magnified mascara. I was super looking forward to trying this but the moment I opened it I was disheartened. The wand it self looks amazing but the thing that turned me off was that there were little strands hanging or poking out of the wand. You could actually pick them out and I don't know about anyone else but I don't want to apply mascara when the wand is like that with a chance that little strands could get into your eye- NO thank you. Despite this, I still tried the mascara and found it to do barely nothing. It was clumpy and actually quite hard to apply. I haven't used it since I bought it.

The last product is the Rimmel Super Curler 24 hours. I got this last year after wanting to try a new mascara that would enhance my lashes. At first it did a good job, my lashes curled and it added a little bit of volume, however, it became clumpy and sticky and I just hated it and I didn't even have to apply that much! 

So there are some products that I just didn't like. Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know!

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