Valentines day.

A year ago I sat and wrote a valentines day post about how I am single and alone stuffing my face with food and binge watching Netflix. This year? I am doing exactly the same. I also had an exam today.

I know a lot of people who are for and against Valentines day. Some say it's stupid because they're single. Some say it's a great idea and celebrate it with their significant other. Some celebrate it even if they're single and some say screw you valentines day even when they're in a relationship.

I'm sort of neither sides. I can see why it might piss people off and I also see why people celebrate it. Some people will say, you should love and care for your partner everyday, not just for one just because it's valentines. Some say it's a special occasion to go all out and treat your partner and that's okay.

Sometimes, I hate the idea of Valentines, because couples are going out and celebrating their love and I am all alone. And sometimes I embrace it because it's a lovely holiday and sometimes we really need to be reminded to let the people we love know that we really love them and care about them, because it's so easy to forget.

Like I said in last years post (read here), I feel like Valentines day isn't just for couples but also for anyone you love. Your family, your friends and also yourself. We so easily forget to let those people know that we love them because we just assume that they know how we feel but that's not the point. The point is, telling them that we love them, seeing them smile and them telling us back.

We need to remind our loved ones that we love and care even if they already know, they still need to be reminded because one day they won't be there anymore and you'll wish you told them you loved them more. Even I admit, I don't tell my family and friends as often as I should.

So, this is your reminder to tell your parents, grandparents, children, friends and partner that you love them, not just today, but unconditionally always. And celebrate today with them because I whole heartedly believe that Valentines isn't just for couples but for anyone that you love.

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