Travelling essentials

Hello everybody! So tomorrow I am going back to uni after a relaxed christmas break back home with my family. It's been a wonderful month being home with them and I had a great christmas and new year! But my student loan is in and my rent is due to leave my bank account which means uni is soon to begin again... So with living 3 hours from home, travelling can be stressful. So I thought I'd share with you my travelling essentials, not just for my home to home train journeys but for any type of journey I take!

I always have to have my planner, anywhere I go. Just in case I think of a blog idea or something important, I can easily jot it down. I've always got a pen on hand as well.

A good book. Spending 3 hours on a train without any entertainment is enough to drive you insane. Even if I have my music, a good book is always a good alternative when I get bored of listening to the same songs over again.

My headphones. I never go out without them. They are life saving when travelling.

My smaller make up bag. This doesn't contain my lipsticks and mascaras, they would be in my other make up bag. The bag in the photo is the one I take EVERYWHERE with me. It contains paracetamol/ibuprofen, mini make up wipes, hand gel, plasters, hair clips/bands, tissues and a compact mirror/brush. I'm so prepared and organised haha, you never know when you might need those things.

Travel card. I recommend getting one especially if you are aged 15-25 years old and in education (I think) I have saved so much money on my home to home journeys that I've basically paid the rail card off already! And you never know when you need to catch the train, so saving a few pennies there.

Phone charger, obviously.

There are some things that are too obvious to mention that I take with me, like my phone or my purse, but there are some of the things that I have to take with me, just to make my life a little easier.

What are your travelling essentials?

Abi x

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