Travel wishlist

Hello lovelies! It must be everyone's dream to travel the world and if it isn't your dream then, why?! I have dreamt of travelling the world since forever and the places I want to go is basically everywhere! If I could, I would pack up now and start my journey, though with low funds and university, my dreams are being put on hold. However, I am so desperate to make my dreams into plans after graduation in about 2 and half years time. Who knows, I might squeeze in a trip or two in between university.

Asides everywhere, I have narrowed down some key destinations that I am so desperate to go, so here they are.

1. Africa. It seems forever ago that Wild at Heart was airing and my dreams of becoming a vet was alive. Wild at Heart was based in South Africa around a safari like vet clinic. My love for animals and the show made me mad to go to South Africa and it looks amazing.

2. America, obviously. No explanation needed. The places I would love to go most would be New York, Seattle, California and San Francisco. 

3. Guadeloupe. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for crime drama's. And whats better than a crime happening in paradise. Death in Paradise is another TV show that inspired my interests on the most beautiful island ever. The show is filmed on the island of Guadeloupe, though in the show it is called Saint Marie. Every time I watch the show, I just wish I could be there. The island looks so beautiful.

4. New Zealand. The thought of the scenery itself just makes me happy. 

5. Croatia. I have seen many people's vlogs of them being in Croatia and it looks amazing. 

So there you have it, the top spots I want to travel to some day! 

Whats your top destination?

Abi x


  1. Gorgeous blog lovely! Just followed and looking forward too seeing more of your posts! Would love if you could check out my blog below if you have the time!X

  2. Aw thank you sweet! I'll check yours out now x