Dreams, aspirations and realities

My dreams, aspirations and the path I took.

Since I was 10 years old, I had always wanted to be a vet. And now, I am studying health and social care.

The reasons for why my dreams of helping animals turned into helping people was because my science teachers told me that my grades were not good enough, and it's true, I should have been getting A's and A*'s for Veterinary school but instead I was getting C's. So, instead of crying over broken dreams, I decided to have a look around the job market and I realised that all I wanted to do was help people. I decided that social work was what I wanted to do. 

Of course, I also considered The Royal Navy but my heart was dead set on social work in the end. So I chose Childcare at A-Level and having to complete nursery experience I decided that I definitely did not want to work in a nursery. I applied to five universities to do social work, but either lack of placements or experience, I didn't get into do social work.

Though, as every one must know, I am at university. One uni I applied to, turned me down after my interview, but offered me a different course. They offered me Social welfare law, policy and advice practice and at first I was hesitant because obviously it wasn't what I wanted to do. But after their course lead emailed me with the details of the course and stating the similarities between that and social work, I decided to take it. If it got me into uni, why not. But by the time semester 2 came around, I wasn't so sure I wanted to continue. 

I started another UCAS application and wanted to do Children's Nursing (ward) instead and wanted to move back home. I started to really hate the course I was doing, it was not what I wanted to do and certainly not what I wanted to go into. I found it very unfulfilling. But yet again, I wasn't accepted and decided to stay at Staffs and apply for another course.

The day after applying for Health and Social Care, I received an unconditional offer. I secured my student house, applied for another year of student loans and found myself excited for a new beginning. 

My end goal is social work and yet I have gone through different paths and I am not there yet. When studying Social Law, I began to drift away from social work and found myself even thinking that it's not exactly what I want anymore. I applied to health and social care because of it's many possibilities. I enjoy HSC so much more than I did SWLPA and social work is still my end goal even if I focus on something else first and even if it takes me a little longer to get there with a few detours. I'm glad I made all the decisions I did to get here, even if it meant changing paths completely. I am much happier, content and finally on the right path for me. 

It's okay to take detours if you change your mind a few times or if you decided the path you originally took isn't for you anymore. It's okay to do something else if it will benefit you and where you want to go. Don't feel pressured into choosing exactly what you want at 16 before shit gets real. Choose something you love and if it doesn't work out, fine, pick something else.

What are or were your career goals?

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Abi x

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