BLOGMAS day 6:

Winter jumper haul/my favourite winter jumper

I don't know about anyone else but the moment it's at least October, I basically live in jumpers. Thin jumpers, Thick jumpers and woolly jumpers. One of the reasons why I love winter is because of the jumpers. Here is a collection of jumpers that I have recently bought and love.

New Look- pale grey floral embroidered. £24.99. Probably my favourite jumper so far. I'd normally go for a plain jumper but I love this so went out of my comfort zone, also this is slightly cropped which I wouldn't normally go for. It's warm and cosy and the funnel neck isn't too tight either. I got a student discount with this so didn't pay the full £24.99.

New Look- stone ribbed trim boxy jumper. £17.99. Again got a student discount with this one. Simple and not too tick for those warmer days and easy to layer up on.


New Look- dark green boxy jumper. I think this one was £14.99. It's thin so I wear a black top underneath but it's warm enough. I'd be careful putting this in the wash though, as mine has been stretched out a bit which is a bit sad but love it anyway,

New Look- Light green (I know it looks blue) £13.49. Nice colour and it's quite a light knit so can layer up but also warm material. Takes forever to dry though!


New Look- black funnel neck jumper. I think it was £19.99. I did actually get this jumper in January but I love it so much I had to include it. It's probably the woolliest and warmest jumper I own, it's cosy, you can dress it up or wear it casually. It's so warm and it has a funnel neck which I like very much. 

So there are 4 of my recent jumper purchases and 1 of my favourite. I would have done a Christmas jumper post, but I have never owned a Christmas jumper so winter ones just going to have to do!
 What's your favourite winter/festive jumper?

Abi x

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