Christmas candles I'd like to have/try

Welcome back to blogmas guys! It's day 5 and which means only 20 days left till Christmas and I am so excited. Thought I would share with you some of the Christmas candles that I would love to try! I've only recently jumped on the bandwagon for candles and I quite like it. I've currently got the Tesco "Spiced Berry" (in the picture above!) burning at the moment, and I love the smell of this in general, not sure if it's a Christmassy smell, but it's very relaxing. So here are some candles I would love to try out.

Yankee Candle- Bundle up.
To me, this would just remind me of layers and layers of clothes, jumpers, scarfs, gloves, hats, the lot! I think it is the sort of candle you burn when it's a really chilly day and you just wanna get warm! 

Yankee Candle- Christmas Eve.
The sort of the candle you burn when you're not in the spirit for Christmas at all. I feel like this would smell amazing and would definitely get you in the mood, make you more excited for Christmas!

BeeFayre- Winter berries.
I'm not a huge fan of berries, but I do like the smell of them and think this would be perfect for me.

Landon Tyler- Scent of Christmas.
I'd hope this candle will bring all the Christmassy smells together. The smell of a brand new tree, baking ginger bread, festive cookies, being all cosy by the fireplace. 
If I smelt this just once at any time, I'd get excited about Christmas. I feel like this would get anyone in the festive mood. The packaging is any reason to buy this too!

John Lewis- Frosted Spruce.
I can just imagine this one smelling soooo good! With hints of black pepper and citrus. I'm a fan of citrus and will give the room a fresh cosy feeling. 

What's your favourite festive candle?

Abi x

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