Christmas is one week away and I am so excited! So when I was home alone yesterday I got the old albums and home videos out and had a little gander at christmas when I was a little girl.

In these 3 photos, I was about 2 maybe 3 years old and got a pop up Barbie house. Man, I loved this house and I remember I used to play with it all the time. 

Another photo of me and my pop up house. I think it came with a cut out Barbie as well to place in the pop up.

I also got a Chucky doll (Not the evil, murdering Child's Play doll) Chucky was one of the characters from Rugrats! I LOVED the Rugrats when I was a little girl and loved when I got this doll. Chucky was my favourite character!

In these next 3 photos, I was maybe 5 and must be my brothers first christmas. By the surprise and shock on my face, you can probably tell I was not expecting to get a Barbie head, where you can style her hair and do her make up and such. I loved this present and I think it played with it every day and had it a good few years.

Me just being super excited about my presents. 

I also got a chalk board and I would always pretend to be a teacher and use it for my "class" haha.

The last 2 photos were when we lived in Spain for about a year and I was 7 and my brother was 2. We went carol singing with some friends.

I was dressed as an angel and my brother was santa and doesn't he just look so adorable? 

I love these photos and I just love looking back on photos. Of course, I don't have many photos of when I was little or many previous christmas photos because my dad only has half of all the albums whilst my mother has the others. But I am determined to take LOADS of photos this christmas and make it one to remember!

What was your favourite christmas?

Abi x

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  1. I used to play teachers too! I would spend hours upstairs in my room and all of my teddies would be the students. Loved this post.
    Amy xx