BLOGMAS day 12

Hello you lovely people! So me and my housemates decided that we wanted to do secret santa! Now I have only known them since mid-August/September when we all moved in and we're not super close or anything so buying for one of them proved tricky but I tried and I hope she liked her presents! These are the presents I bought for Lauren.

This is the alphabet filled scented candle from Next. < I've linked the website. Easy gift for when you are not very close to the person you're buying for. 

My housemate said she wanted anything that smells of coconut! This candle is the creamy vanilla coconut scented candle from Tesco. 

I actually bought two sets of these because I really liked them as well. These are also from Next and are cute animal socks, They're good quality material and cosy.

These nail polishes are the Barry M coconut infusion polishes. My housemate loves coconut and anything that smells of it, so I thought these would be perfect because she loves doing her nails as well. 

I'm trying not to put prices just in case my house mates stumbles upon this post... but those are the presents that I bought for my house mate, Lauren. I hope she likes them very much!

What did you get for your secret santa?

Abi x

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