BLOGMAS day 11

Updated lipstick collection part 1

Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog! Again not really Christmas related but thought I would share with you my updated lipstick collection! I did a blog post back in March, here and since then have added so many more lippies to my collection.. I have decided to do 3 parts to this collection as there is just too many for one post and don't want it to be very long. Hope you enjoy!

Left to right
Sultry / Rosewood / Mehr / Captive / Verve

The first is Revlon's matte balm in the shade "Sultry". I love this shade, it's perfect for any time of the year I think. It lasts a long time and its a matte finish, if you couldn't tell by the name of it. 
The second is the Max Factor in the shade "Rosewood". This is similar to Mac's Twig but a little lighter and the finish is more creamy. I don't actually find that this one lasts long enough, maybe 2 hours most, but the colour is amazing. 

Left- Mac's "Mehr". This shade is a matte finish and is lighter than Twig, it's a perfect spring and summer shade. All the Mac lipsticks last ages.
Middle- "Captive". I love this shade. It is beautiful. Perfect for all seasons I reckon. It's not too pink either, which I like, it's like a pinky-plum ish colour... This is also a Satin finish
Right- "Verve" Oh my goodness. I am in love with this colour. This colour got me into dark lipsticks, and it's perfect for autumn and winter.  Like, Captive, this is a satin finish which I love.. I'm always changing my mind on which finish I love best between matte and satin.. I think at the moment, it's got to be matte.

So there is part 1 of my lipstick collection updated! I am not sure when I plan to post parts 2 and 3 but I hope you enjoyed this post!

Do you have any of these? Which is your favourite?

Abi x


  1. Mac's "Mehr" is on my wish list such a great colour!!! Can't wait to see Part two and Three!! xox

    1. It's a beautiful subtle colour too. And thanks! xox

  2. These shades and lipsticks all look very lovely. Such pretty colours, definitely my type of colours aha. Love this post! x

  3. mehr and captive are absolutely beautiful shades, i definitely think mehr will be the next mac lipstick i pick up. all those colours are really beautiful and wearable x

    lisa |