Getting sweaty.

Hello guys.

I want to talk to you about something that I would have been so embarrassed about a few years ago. For years, I have been suffering with Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. I know it sounds gross, but it has been a nightmare for me. More than 3% of the worlds population suffer with excessive sweating with common affected areas being, armpits, hands and feet. It might not sound like a big deal, but it has affected me in so many ways.

I think I can remember having this as young as 13, maybe 14 years old. My most affected areas are my armpits. Though back then, I would notice I would sweat a lot but I wouldn't think anything of it. I thought it was normal for me. In the last 4 ish years I have become so aware of the sweating. I became so self-conscious and embarrassed. I would try and hide it as best I could. I would cancel plans with friends at last minute because I was sweating too much. I even skipped a few classes because of it. I was worried I would smell and ruin my clothes or they would notice my sweating. No matter how much or how little clothing I was wearing in winter or summer I would uncontrollably sweat more than normal. It really put me down and sometimes I tried to push past it but other times it just got too much and my self-esteem just hit rock bottom. 2 years ago, I did end up buying, armpit pads to help absorb the sweat and keep my clothes safe but it didn't really do much of a job. All it did was stop the sweat ruining my clothes, but I wanted to sweating to stop.

I googled treatments, but all it mostly came up with was injection treatments or botox, neither was what I wanted so I just got on with it. Eventually, I just accepted it and learnt to live with it. Until I started work this summer, and I had had enough. I decided to search for other solutions. Stronger antiperspirants or creams or something. I came across an article about strong antiperspirants which majority of them contain around 20% of aluminium chloride. I think the limit of AC is about 25%, so as you can see, there is a lot of it in these products! Enough to block the sweat gland from over producing. AC is the main ingredient to stop sweating, which is why there is a high amount of it found in the products mentioned in the article (link: I decided to have a gander and find one of these products. I found that Boots do Driclor (£6) so I immediately decided to go and buy it. I know it's not the cheapest product for what you get but hand on my heart, it works.

I've been using Driclor for about 3 months now, and it has really changed things. It really works (though I read reviews, I wouldn't use on sensitive skin!) For the first 2 months, I have been dry in my pits! It has been a life changer. I would always feel like I'm sweating and I'll go to check and my pits will be dry! Nowadays, I'll still sweat, but only the tiniest bit, which I don't mind! But I no longer feel self-conscious, my self-esteem is rising and I'm no longer worried that I'll sweat heavily no matter where I go!

So for any of you out there with hyperhidrosis, you're not alone! And I would highly recommend spending that £6 on Driclor because it has changed things for the better and I feel so much confident now. It is so worth it.

Disclaimer: I never went to a doctor, so was not clinically diagnosed.

Do you or anyone you know suffer from hyperhidrosis? Let them know, there are great products out there!

Thanks for reading, Abi x

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