Payday lippies

Hey guys, a few days ago I went on a little lippy splurge after pay day and decided to share with you what I bought! Hope you enjoy :)

The first thing I did was go on Mac cosmetics website! I ordered a lipstick in the shade "Verve" I have been digging dark lippies recently, and fell in love with this lipstick. It's a satin finish, which I love and the colour is just so nice but I do think it is more of a winter shade rather than summer. (£15.50)

I got two lip liners as well, one of which was a basic Mac lip liner in the shade "Soar" I know a lot of people have this shade and I really really like it, I know its a necessary shade to have in your collection. It will go so well with Mac's "Twig" and "Mehr" and even Rimmel Kate's 08. (£12.50)

The other lip liner I got was the Pro Long Wear pencil in the shade "Morning Coffee" which goes so well with "Verve" and "Whirl" The difference between Soar and Morning Coffee is that MC is more brown whilst Soar is more pinky-nude. Both these lip liners are so good, the quality and staying power of both is really good and the colours are just amazing. (£15.00)

Another lipstick that I picked up was the Rimmel Kate (if you can't tell by my snapchats and previous posts I am in love with Rimmel Kate collection lippies!) I got the shade 30. It's as dark as 107, but more berry (red/purple-ish?) rather than burgundy and I love it. Along with Verve, I think this is also more of a Winter colour. The colour is so bright and bold and I really love it. Like I said, I'm digging dark colours right now and thought why not. (£5.50)

I got another lip liner by Rimmel (it was 3 for 2 in Superdrug) The shade is called "Spice" and it is similar to Mac's Soar but with less of pink hints and I really like it. I think this goes well with Twig, Mehr but also Whirl as well. It is a really good lip liner, great colour and great price. (£2.99)

The last lip liner that I got was the Barry M lip liner in the shade 3. It's a bold red shade and is very creamy when applied. I love applying this one because of how creamy it is compared to the others! It is a shade that I think everyone needs, because it's a classic red and it goes so well with Russian Red and Ruby Woo (Mac), Kiss of Life (Rimmel Kate) I'm not sure if it will go with 107 or 30 but it will have a look and update you. (£2.99)

The last thing I bought (another Rimmel) was a nail varnish in the shade "Give it some welly" It's a blue-y grey colour but more grey than blue and I have been wanting to get a grey nail varnish for a while because I'm digging grey nails at the moment and saw this and loved it. I'm wearing it now and it is such a great colour, the varnish itself is amazing and it is a Rita Ora collection one.

So, that's it for this post. Hope you enjoyed it and I shall post soon!

Love, Abi x

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