So due to being a uni student living in student halls, my sleeping pattern has deteriorated! With late nights and sleepless nights, I have had to turn the idea of sleeping pills away and find an alternative! Luckily thanks to google, I have found tea! Some types and flavours of tea can help with sleepless nights and to soothe anxiety and loud thoughts and other tea is just very tasty! Firstly, I was really surprised to discover that there are SO MANY different types and flavours of tea!

I started off with Chamomile tea which is a great herb to help with anxiety and to calm you and to help with sleep. This tea really helps me to get into the sleepy mood and it tastes really good! (Twinnings tea)

I then went to try Chamomile and Honey tea. Honey is really good to help with sleep as well, as it's very soothing just like Chamomile. It tastes just as good as just chamomile just a little sweeter because of the lovely honey! (Twinnings tea)

I also started on Pure Green Tea. This tea is said to have so many benefits, containing high amounts of antioxidants. Some green tea components is said to help brain function, increases fat burning and increases physical performance. It has loads of health benefits and can prevent the risk of some health conditions and even said to prevent some types of cancers! The only way I can describe what green tea tastes like is broccoli, which sounds weird and disgusting but I promise you its not! It's actually very nice. So I highly recommend trying out Green Tea! Of course there are other types of green tea, like Jasmine green tea, which is next on my list! (Twinnings tea)

So, yes, tea is what I have been digging lately and if you like tea then you should definitely try different teas as a lot of them are natural-earthly teas with amazing health benefits! And I think all of them, if not a lot of them are 100% caffeine free.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoy my tea!

Love, Abi x

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